How often should you replace golf grips?

by Maya Andrews
Nobody likes playing with old, worn out grips. But playing with worn grips can lead to more than just a bad feeling in your hands – worn grips create higher scores by making it harder to control the club face. This means your shots will be less accurate, which is why it’s so important to regularly replace your grips – so you can stay on your A game.


So how do you know when to replace your grips?

Golf magazine says that grips last an average of 40 rounds, with practice at the range counting as a round. The more you play, the more often you will need to regrip your clubs. Of course, if they are falling apart, you should change them before you practice or get on the course. But if they aren’t, you can look them over for imperfections like fading, dullness, or broken cording. Below are 2 examples of grips that need changing:

Example of grips that need to be replaced
You can see on the top one that the cording is coming up in some places, and the texture of the grip is rough and stiff. On the bottom one, too much use has caused the grip to become dull and uncushioned. If either of these grips look like the ones on your clubs, you need to replace them before you use your clubs again.

Another way to tell when to replace your grips is how much time has passed since the last time you replaced them. Golfweek reports that, at a minimum, you should change your grips every 2 years. Over time, the rubber in your grips will lose elasticity and lead to the same problems as overused grips. The conditions you play in can also affect when you will need to replace your grips. Heat and humidity will speed up the process of grip deterioration.

Do you need to replace your grips?

If you’ve realized it’s time for you to replace your golf grips, you need to come to Laurel Golf Center. Most club repair shops will return your regripped clubs in a week or two. With Laurel Golf’s 24-hour turnaround policy, your clubs will be ready for you to play the next day. This means you can get back on the course faster! You can bring your own grips for us to install, or choose from our curated selection of the most popular and quality grips on the market right now.

We also have special deals for regripping, running until April 15th, 2022. The first is, buy 9 grips with us and get the 10th one free, on in-stock grips (regripping fee included in price of grips). The other deal is that we’re taking a dollar off of all grip installs for grips that you bring in. Simply bring your equipment to our shop at 9801 Ft. Meade Road in Laurel, MD. You can also call us at 301-725-4646 to find out exactly what we have in stock. Remember, we’re only running these discounts until April 15th, so make sure you come to Laurel Golf to regrip your clubs and save money!

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